Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit
Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit

Rugged G1 GMRS Mobile Radio Kit

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Engineered to race, built for adventure.

Designed from the ground up in Arroyo Grande California, the G1 is IP67 waterproof, and it's all-aluminum chassis protects vital circuits from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) improving performance and reducing noise. The large, clear, easy-to-read display provides quick access to programmable controls, and an intuitive user interface. The included Accessory Hub provides convenient remote access to the programming cable connection and a 3.5 mm external speaker output.  

Ready to expand with the Rugged Ready port allows you to connect an almost unlimited amount of Rugged accessories. From intercoms, to headsets and much more, Rugged accessories have you covered. 

From the trails of Moab to the deserts of the Baja Peninsula, the Rugged G1 is ready to Go Further!

✔ G1 GMRS Radio
✔ UNI-MAG Universal NMO or Magnetic Mount
✔ Point5 1/2 wave UHF antenna

Fitment: Works with all GMRS and FRS radios operating on the same channels, including Rugged GMR45, GMR25, and GMR2. Also works with all GMRS radios from other manufacturers including Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and many more.

Please Note:
➜ Includes radio and hand mic only.
➜ Rugged G1 only works with Rugged Radios Bluetooth push-to-talk, available soon.

Installation Guide Here


➤ ENGINEERED TO RACE, BUILT FOR ADVENTURE : Built from the same platform as our M1 Race Series Radio! The Rugged G1 uses the same all-aluminum chassis, powerful Mitsubishi Transmit amplifier, and clear-hear Superheterodyne receiver as our race proven, M1 Race Series Mobile Radio.
➤ WATTS THE POWER?: Watts are important - but they aren't everything. Inexpensive transmit power amplifiers suffer voltage drop-off immediately after pressing the push-to-talk and are prone to failure. The high grade Mitsubishi transmitter in the G1 outputs a STABLE 41.4 Watts for the duration of your transmission.
➤ D.A.V.E. HAS YOUR BACK: Dual Active Voice Enhancement! Experience crystal-clear audio with our cutting-edge, noise-cancelling technology that isolates the voice while eliminating distracting background noise.
➤ BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY : Go Further™ with adventure ready Bluetooth! Fully configure the Rugged G1 for your adventures by pairing it with your favorite wireless speakers, Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, and wireless push-to-talks*. (Rugged wireless Bluetooth accessories coming soon)


➜ Waterproof, IP67 sealed housing
➜ Active Noise Cancelling for superior audio clarity
➜ Ergonomic Hand Mic with Scosche® MagicMount Magnetic Mount
➜ GMRS mobile transceiver
➜ Powerful Mitsubishi Transmit (TX) amplifier
➜ Clear-Hear Superheterodyne receiver
➜ Programmable, Quick-Access controls
➜ RFI reflective aluminum chassis
➜ Large, Easy to read LED Display
➜ Easy access remote Accessory Hub
➜ Upgrade-able firmware
➜ TRUE 41.4 Watts and peak efficiency
➜ Radio Dimensions: 5.5"W x 7"D x 1.5"H


3-Year Limited Warranty

Rugged Radios warrants its Radios, Intercoms & Headsets to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase.

More Info Here


General Mobile Radio Service, or GMRS radios, operate on specific UHF1 frequencies around 462 MHz and 467 MHz that are set aside by the FCC for general public use. UHF excels in transmitting through wooded environments, around town, or in any situation where there are obstructions when compared to other frequency ranges like VHF2. Because of this, GMRS is popular for overland, Jeep, camping, outdoor/adventure, and general recreational uses.

A valid FCC license is necessary to legally operate a GMRS radio. More info here

Access to the FCC Licence Manager here

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