2024+ Toyota Tacoma Rear Skid Plate
2024+ Toyota Tacoma Rear Skid Plate
2024+ Toyota Tacoma Rear Skid Plate
2024+ Toyota Tacoma Rear Skid Plate

2024+ Toyota Tacoma Rear Skid Plate

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Keep the undercarriage of your 2024 Tacoma protected with our rear skid plate.
Available in both steel and aluminum, these skids offer something for everyone.

Drain ports oil panel: We do skid plates better. We strategically placed drainage holes in our skid plates. Designed to prevent water and dirt buildup. Our skid plates also feature an integrated oil panel, allowing easy access for oil changes without removing the entire plate.

Unmatched strength: Custom engineered for each vehicle with a focus on strength. Skid plates distribute impact forces effectively protecting your vehicle from structural damage.

Fitment: Toyota Tacoma 2024+ [4th Gen]


Satin black, TRD gray, or bare metal options.
Available in both steel and aluminum.
Install time: 1.5 hrs
➤Why are skid plates important? Made from high quality materials, steel or aluminum, CBI skid plates can withstand even the most punishing terrains and heavy impacts. Even after years of abuse on and off the trails, all the damage is just cosmetic. They're also easy to install and can be customized to fit your vehicle's exact specifications. Plus, their sleek appearance enhances your vehicle's look while providing optimal protection.
➤ Designed for every build: CBI skid plates are not only practical but also built to follow your builds design. They are designed with a sleek and stylish appearance that enhances the look of your vehicle while also providing optimal protection. With CBI skid plates, you can confidently tackle any off road adventure whil e maintaining ground clearance and design.
➤ Built for every terrain: Off roading can be tough on your vehicle's undercarriage, which is why skid plates are a must have accessory. They act as a protective shield, preventing damage to vital parts, such as the drive trail, oil pan and transmission while navigating rough terrain.


Bolt-on design.
Front & rear design.
Oil drain panel.
Custom washout ports.


➜ Lifetime Warranty
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