2022+ Toyota Tundra Bedsides
2022+ Toyota Tundra Bedsides
2022+ Toyota Tundra Bedsides
2022+ Toyota Tundra Bedsides
2022+ Toyota Tundra Bedsides
2022+ Toyota Tundra Bedsides
2022+ Toyota Tundra Bedsides

2022+ Toyota Tundra Bedsides

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+OUR PARTS FIT LIKE A FACTORY PANEL: Factory sheet metal parts are laser cut with exact precision, and then formed in dies. This process is extremely costly, and requires massive turn over. Our parts are hand made on a much smaller scale by skilled craftsmen in our own 30,000 sqft factory. Our parts fit very similar to an OEM panel, but do require additional refinement beyond what you would get from the OEM manufacturer.

ABOUT THE STRENGTH OF OUR PARTS: We use proprietary techniques to produce extremely durable parts that we have tested on the street & race track for nearly 2 decades.

ABOUT OUR CARBON FIBER: All of our carbon fiber parts are built in house and hand laid. They are lighter, and stronger than their fiberglass counterparts. Our main focus when creating these parts is a clean, consistent, weave. When laying carbon into molds that have extreme contours, the material is forced to stretch, and/or compact in to challenging areas. Because of this, you may see some inconsistencies in the weave pattern.

Our carbon fiber parts are built with high quality, clear, marine grade gel coat that is UV stabilized for optimum weathering and UV resistance. At the listed price point, we are unable to offer pre-preg/vacuum bagged parts. Because of this, you may encounter extremely small, pin point sized air pockets. These micro pockets are trapped between the carbon and clear gel coat, and not able to be felt on the exterior surface. They are very very small, and only visible when viewed at an extreme angle.

A final consideration would be the nature of the molds the parts are being built in. Many of our parts have multiple complex return flanges that require the use of a modular mold. The mold "assembly" is 2-4 individual molds that bolt together so that the finished piece can be effectively removed. Where one mold meets another, a small seam is created that is simply sanded down in a fiberglass piece. This is not possible with carbon fiber, and our solution is to "ghost" the edges. We use black gel coat to make a seamless fade effect that you can see in the first .5" to .75" of the edges of particular parts.

We also manufacture wet and vacuum bagged carbon fiber products.

ABOUT OUR LEAD TIMES: We do our best to keep our most popular products in stock. We do however have over 2000 molds, so there’s a chance that you’ll need to give us a few days to manufacture your parts.

HOW IS THE BULGE MEASURED? From the top dead center of the wheel well.

✔ Driver & Passenger Bedsides.
✔ Integrated Bed Rail Cap.

✔ 2022+ Toyota Tundra.
✔ Works with your Factory Tailgate & Tail Lights.

Please Note: Fuel Door Cutout Comes Standard.




✔ Bulge: 3"
✔ Rise: 1"

Special notes

Disclaimer: Items sold by FiberwerX, Inc. may not be legal for street use in all states. It is the buyer’s responsibility to comply with applicable state laws. Buyer understands that due to strict U.S. Federal and State safety crash guidelines, FiberwerX is not responsible or liable for any damages or possible injuries incurred upon possible accidents due to driver error, incorrect installations, poor judgment, or acts of nature, etc. All products are intended for off-highway use, and should be used for their intended purposes only. FiberwerX does not take responsibility over buyer installation, modification, and unusual stress of products. The buyer assumes all responsibilities for determining the suitability of the products. FiberwerX is not responsible for any damages incurred either directly or indirectly on the vehicles or operators/passengers within the vehicles.

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