1979-1995 Toyota Pickup Power Flow™ 1650 PSI Power Steering Pump

1979-1995 Toyota Pickup Power Flow™ 1650 PSI Power Steering Pump

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Trail-Gear Power Flow™ 1650 psi Power Steering Pump for Hydro Ram Assist Steering

The Power Flow™ 1650 psi Power Steering Pump has been designed and engineered to provide ultimate performance in hydraulic ram steering applications . It is a direct replacement for "TC" and "CB" style pumps.

The body of the pump is constructed of steel to increase reliability and decrease wear. It is equipped with heavy-duty hardened internals, large bushings and an oversized shaft making it ideal for high HP motors with greater radial loads.

The Power Flow™ Pump has one of the highest flow rates in the industry and maintains flow consistency across all RPMs. It will not bypass early.

✔ Power Flow™ 1650 psi Power Steering Pump
✔ 4-7/8" Black-anodized Aluminum V-Belt Pulley

Fitment: 1979-1995 Toyota Pickup

Please Note:
Warning! The Power Flow™ Power Steering Pump has a maximum rotational speed of 7,000 RPM. Do not drive the pump beyond 7,000 RPM!
➜ Use of anything other than a Power Steering Pulley Puller/Installer to install or remove a pulley from your Power Flow™ Power Steering Pump will void the warranty!
➜ Pump operates in the clockwise configuration.
➜ Use only standard power steering fluid with this product. The use of ATF fluid, semi-synthetic fluid, or full synthetic fluid is not recommended and will void the warranty.

Installation Guide Here

Introducing Power Flow™
Trail-Gear CEO/President Matt Messer introduces the Power Flow™ Power Steering Pump and discusses its performance characteristics and the design philosophy behind its creation.


All Steel Body
Heavy-Duty Heat-Treated Internals, Large Bushings, and Oversized Shaft
Endurance Tested at 400°F
Steady Flow Across All RPM
Each Pump is Bench Tested for Quality Assurance
Flow Rate = 9.4mL per rev (17.4 gallons/minute at 7,000 RPM Max. Speed)


12-Month Limited Warranty
All products carry our 12 Month Limited Warranty. All warranties are limited to the original purchaser and are not transferable to subsequent owners of the product. Trail-Gear, Inc. will only accept returns 60 days from the ship date.
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