2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms
2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms
2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms
2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms
2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms
2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms
2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms
2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms
2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms
2005-2023 Performance Lower Control Arms

2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Performance Lower Control Arms

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The Dirt King performance lower control arms were developed to withstand off road abuse and not compromise the vehicles on road driving characteristics. The most vulnerable suspension component on the Tacoma's are the lower control arms.

The Dirt King control arms have additional ground clearance and include 1/8" aluminum skid plates for added protection. If there's any major contact the internal ribbed design keeps the crucial parts intact so you're not left stranded on the trail.

The outer pivots on the lower control arms utilize heavy duty Moog ball joints which are low maintenance and easily serviceable. Controlled side by side testing was done between Moog ball joints and the industry standard 1" uniball for the outer pivot. The result was better on road tracking with the Moog ball joints. Other benefits include a sealed housing to eliminate noise, longer life span, and readily available at auto part stores.

Delrin bushings were chosen for the inner pivots after weighing all the pro and cons between vulcanized rubber bushings, poly bushings, and uniballs. Here are some of their major flaws; vulcanized bushings restrict the amount of articulation, poly bushings are too soft for the amount of force on the lower control arms causing premature wear and noise, uniballs quickly become contaminated with dirt making them noisy and they're also expensive to replace.

Additional features on the Dirt King lower control arms include recessed shock mounting with a drain hole and accepts all types of shocks and struts. It also accommodates for bump stops and limit straps. Progressive steering stops limit the steering throughout the suspension cycle to allow for maximum steering without over articulating the CV's or tie rods. This product is a direct bolt on application with all necessary hardware included. The arms are coated with a durable black powder coat and all the wearable components are replaceable for a product that will last a lifetime.

✔ Boxed plate lower control arms
✔ 1/8" aluminum skid plate
✔ Delrin bushings
✔ Grease fittings
✔ Moog ball joints
✔ Brushed stainless steel logo plates
✔ Grade 8 mounting hardware
✔ Zinc plated inner bushing sleeves
✔ Zinc plated bump stop spacers
✔ Durable black powder coat finish
✔ Dirt King sticker pack
✔ Installation instructions

Fitment: 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma 2WD / 4WD

Please Note:
➜ Not compatible with 5 Lug Tacomas
➜ Please contact us if you plan on installing this kit with lift spindles or a bracket lift


CAD designed
Slanted front plate to deflect objects
Internally ribbed with extrusions for weight reduction
Preassembled for fast installation
Grease fitting ports for easy servicing
Zinc plated components for corrosion resistance
Bump stop plating
Limit strap tabbing
Professionally MIG welded
Proudly made in the USA


Track Width: Stock
Maximum Tire Size: 33”
Maximum Backspacing: 4.75”
Minimum Rim Size: 16”
Compatible with factory sway bar: Yes
Bump Stop Size: 2.0 x 2.0
Coil Over Shock Size: OEM replacement coil overs


Disclaimer: All products sold or manufactured by Dirt King are intended for off-road use only. Our products are strictly engineered and tested and are not to be modified from its original design in any way. Customer assumes all liability in assuring that parts are installed correctly and maintained. Dirt King is not responsible or liable for any accidents, injuries or deaths that may occur from the use of any products offered. Suspension modifications may change the dynamics and stability characteristics of the vehicle. Ensuring prompt wheel alignment and ADAS recalibration after suspension modifications is critical and the sole responsibility of the customer.

Special Notes
Proposition 65 California

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